I do what I do because failure is not an option…

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I do what I do because failure is not an option…


I can not believe it has already been about two months since my last entry. Thanksgiving was just yesterday and I think it was the largest yet. Last Saturday we went to my aunts house for the main family get together then yesterday we went to my cousins house for a smaller but still large dinner. I just want to remind who ever reads this post that Thanksgiving was and still is not about the Indians helping us get thought those difficult times but instead its thanks for the failure of socialism. When the pilgrims first came to America there first experiments with government was socialism. All property belonged to the government and everyone was assigned a plot of land and was required to put their goods in a common store. The Governor noticed that since no single person could benefit more then his neighbor then people would do the minimum required just to get by and some were lazy by producing no goods. The year they promoted capitalism instead, the harvest was much larger then years before, so they gave thanks. If the true story of Thanksgiving was told in schools then I bet that most of the socialism that is invading are country today would not be happening.
Just this past week I wrote a three page letter about my passion for Japan. I’m trying to make arrangements to meet with my pastor to ask for direction and further guidance on how to pursue my dream. Because no matter how hard I try the doors just do not seem to be opening. You can read my letter by click this link. I think this time of unemployment has opened my eyes to see more clearly of my calling in Japan. But my flesh is still going crazy trying to think of how this is going to happen. I have to keep telling myself that it is all in GOD’s hands and it will happen. I am a bit discouraged that I can not get in touch with Kevin Tabuchi. I was really getting encouraged with his proactive support for my dream until now. This is what always happens in the past. I make the connection then it fades out because of communication reasons. Now I do understand he might just be busy with the holiday season. So heres to hoping that my favorite contact will not fade away.
I’m still putting a lot of work into developing GetPlugged + Japan. I’m in the process of starting a Anime Rental division of the business which I hope brings in some good business. I am thinking about setting up a second website dedicated to promoting Christian outreach to Japan using GPJ as a portal.

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