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Canada Trip Update 1


Just thought I would give an update to my previous post because I have worked out some more of my trip details. I’m really excited that my new room mate is going to be Yoshi Makino who is a natural born Japanese Citizen and has been living in Canada for the last 6 years.

Yoshi Makino
My plans so far is to leave February 28th and arrive in Prince Albert, SK, Canada on March 1st. With no set return date.
There are two things that really make me believe that this trip to Canada is a calling from GOD. First one would be two people in my life that I really did not think would support this. The first one was my Dad who has been since my lay off putting a lot of pressure on me to look harder for a new job. The second person that surprised me would be my grandmother on my dads side who has always been nagging me to just to go to College, get a good job and become an engineer like your grandfather. Secondly, Like I had said in letter “My passion for Japan”, “I believe that when the time comes the money will be there” and so far I am seeing a lot of money that I can scraping off the walls then I first thought. As far as its looking now I will have more then enough money for this trip and then some to put into my future trip to Japan. (Which could come sooner then me or you could think.) God has allowed huge blessing in my life over the last month. I am believing there is more to come.

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