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Facts of Japan. Vol. 1.0


Since I am so very interested in Japan and so many people I talk to don’t know any more then me I would start making a post every so often with something I find interesting about the Japanese People or their culture.

the Japanese get red-faced when they drink.

I have had my fair taste of alcohol but I know I would never make it a habit like my aunts have made it but I have found this fact about the Japanese very interesting. Did you know that Japanese often get really red in the face when they start drinking, a phenomenon known as the Asian Flush Response, which has to do with some Japanese (and many other East Asian people) lacking a liver enzyme that breaks down chemicals in alcohol. I hear it’s hilarious to see. Some will drink just one highball and suddenly they turns as red as a lobster, although they are not drunk at all. You occasionally see this phenomenon represented as a slight reddening of the face in anime characters when they drink too much, but don’t be fooled: I hear the real thing is much more brilliant to behold. A similar phenomenon unique to Asians is the “Mongolian Spot,” a blue bruise-like spot visible on the rear ends of Japanese babies until the age of 2.

ジョエル グリイン

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