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Oh! Canada


As I approach my final 12 hours at home I think about all the things that I will miss here. Like the ability to talk with my okasan (mother) or otousan (father) when I desire and the familiar scenes of America the beautiful. Watashi no kozoku wa ai desu.

Yesterday after getting my oil change and as I drove past the Borders Book Store I noticed a BIG YELLOW BANNER under the sign that read “STORE CLOSING”. I have bought all my Manga from this store.

“My favorite Borders is closing”
This Saturday I visited Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights to buy Yoshi and Kevin a thank you present. I love the unique Japanese Environment, authentic Japanese Food in the food court and the Magazines and Books imported straight from Japan.
This is one place the really gets the blood flowing.

“Mitsuwa the Japanese Grocery Store is awesome”

“My Favorite Ice Cream is Green Tea”
There will be more posts to came from each major stop so please stay tuned.

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