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Road Blocks of Life


As some of you might have heard I have run into a huge road block on my way to Prince Albert, SK, Canada. I, Joel T Greene, Was denied access to Canada. I tried to enter on two separate days and the first day I was told no because there was no proof that I had any intention of leaving the country. Then the second day the Border Agent denied me access for he was concerned that I would be performing work while on a visitors visa. This is a huge disappointment but I believe that there is a reason stuff happens.

I can not believe the major disaster that happen this morning in Japan. There was a M8.9 off the coast of Sendai and the tsunami that followed destroyed a lot of structures and reshaped that coast line. Please pray for the Japanese as GOD helps them get thought this. Partially because my trip to Canada failed and because I have a heart for Japan, I am looking to volunteer for any groups that will be helping with the relief efforts.

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