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Something that seems to be a quite different with home schoolers is the fact we can be much more entertained with the simplest of things. I personally noticed this in my own self, I don’t believe it makes us weird and neither can I say why others are not entertained by things like that. I remember when we were young we would play we the door stop on our back door several times over and laugh like mad. Our parents have always been amazed that the things we remember over other amazing trips we have taken in the past.

Door stops!, Entertaining home schoolers and elderly people since 19…? 18…? something…

Well, starting this year I have put the initial work into finally starting my own business. As some of you know I was contracting for someone last year installing March Network DVR in over 300 Dunkin Donuts across Chicago Land, USA. I had made many contacts, so now I have the opportunity to sell my service to a vast group of people. I have several people interested in my service and I hope to launch the second phase of my service starting February first. This is just a blurb but I want to post more about it in my next major update.

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