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Update 6.15



The blessings of GOD never discontinue to amaze me. For example, My business partner and I were doing some business stuff in the northern area yesterday when I had three awesome blessings. First, We were removing a LCD TV from a Dunkin Donuts, When I noticed a nice AV Receiver on the top shelf in the office that was not being used for anything other then to switch auto inputs between TV and Satellite Radio. Seeing that we were removing the TV they offered for me to take home the AV Receiver. Now the back story to this is that just about two months ago, my Surround Sound AV Receiver in my bedroom started acting up and started sounding just terrible, I told myself that I will just have to deal with it since I’m living on a low income due to my business start up. When I got home, I discovered that this AC Receiver was far better then the one I already owned and was not only surround sound capable but also had HDMI inputs. Now, I had to wonder why on earth did someone use this $300 receiver just to switch audio inputs? Later in the afternoon, we went to “HH Gregg” — A newer electronic retail store that personally I dislike — and had a look at their android tablets — Whole another story that I hope to touch on later — After some looking we liked Linsay F-10HD Tablet for $199.99. But, I had only budgeted $150 for tablets at most. After my partner got turned down when asking about cheaper pricing and etc. We noticed an open box of that same Tablet in the cage, I had to be the downer — I know it was wrong of me — and said there was no way the store would go any lower then the already low $168.88. But, regardless of my opinion he asked and also without hesitation the Department Manager said he would sell it for $148.88. It happened so fast that my mouth dropped to the floor. Then finally after that we got a call from our first Subway location owner. He told us that the Subway Field Inspector came in and saw our Rewards Program. He was so impressed that he wants to pursue getting approval from the Subway Corporation to make our program an Approved Subway Rewards program in Chicago Land. This was one of the first time I’ve so clearly seen GODs hands directly in contact with my life. I believe it is my dedicated tithing that has really helped.

Everyone is getting an anime mascot these days!

I really like the idea of marketing your business using an anime mascot. I remember when I first started using Chiori-chan as my mascot for Greenetree LLC and getting many mixed responses from people. Ranging from being weirded out to thinking it was an awesome idea. — Of course the weirded out being quite rare. — Now this age old Japanese tradition is catching on with many American Companies which includes Microsoft. As much as I dislike Microsoft, I still gave a thumbs up to this one. So, The idea comes from a long time doujin meme called OS-tan in which amateur artists would create cute anime girl avatars of Computer Operating Systems. (Incidentally -tan is the endearing -chan name suffix, but pronounced as if a small child were saying it, making it even cuter) With the release of Windows 7, Microsoft got in the game and commissioned an “offical” OS-tan character called Nanami Madobe (nana = 7, mado = window) to promote its new OS. Microsoft has continued the series with an official Silverlight character as well as Claudia Madobe (Nanami’s Cousin), who promotes the company’s cloud-based computing services. Now Microsoft is raising the otaku-bar again by bundling a PVC figure of Claudia with purchases of Visual Studio Professional. — That one would be interesting to see. — Personally, I’ve branded my room with the character that is Chiori-chan with my new Wall Scroll and Bed Pillow, Of course all hand made. — Is it creepy that my family calls Chiori my daughter, yet she is in my bed every night?

Another thing that I have come to find interesting is the fact that you could live within short driving distances of some great attractions but never actually visit. One example would be Jack Stack, An awesome mouth watering barbecue joint in Kansas City, MO but yet very few people I meet in KC have never ever been there. — I could also include Firehouse Subs in this but one just opened near my house. — But in return I am guilty of the same crimes because my friends in KC could not believe that I only visit the Beach and Six Flags maybe only once or twice a year. This same goes for the Japanese who think that all Americans know perfect English grammar and the Beatles. Personally, I think the Japanese can become over obsessed about American/Western Culture like tipping exactly 18% — that includes the pennies — or actually correcting an Americans English Grammar. I’ve met many American who get frantic over no tipping in Japan but for some reason when I learned of this, I was like “YAH! No more tip calculations or forced gratuity. I could live there.”. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side.

It would be cool to visit the real High School from the anime k-on

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