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Happy Pre-4th of July



It really can amaze me sometimes how no matter that you are doing or what problems you may have, life goes on. You can’t stop it. The great train of life has no emergency break and two stops — Birth and Death. When I was young I never imagined that my adult life would be like this. One thing that is making me really excited right now, is this business I started back in January of this year and as of now, I’m on the tipping edge of success or failure. For the last four years or so, I have made a habit of naming each year, some years deliver while others don’t but nevertheless they always end up being what I never expected. This year I rightfully named, the year of rewards. Jokingly little did I know, I would actually be developing a rewards applications for small businesses around Chicago-land. Don’t get me wrong, this year has delivered.

Our first official Dunkin’ Donuts using my rewards application.

A common theme in many anime is a world of separation, where one society is either plotted against another society or the two have nothing to do with each other, let alone they even know about each others existence. Commonly reasons will include having differentiating views and/or culture. In essence this is what GOD purposely did with the tower of babel by mixing up their languages so they would forcefully fulfill GOD’s command to go forth and conquer the earth. GOD was not causing chaos, he knew exactly what he was doing and knew that a day, such as now would come and we could freely communicate with cultures with the click of a button without even knowing their language. These side by side separated cultures simultaneously exist and this is how the Japanese and English inter-webs can feel: both are vibrant, constantly inventing new mini-trends and memes and fads, yet they’re largely separated by the Great Wall of Language. Most Japanese people will instinctively click away from an English page they happen to land on, perhaps as a result of being forced to study it for all those years in school; likewise, most native English-speakers I know won’t spend a lot of time trawling Japanese-language websites unless they’re there for a reason. They come together at certain points, of course — YouTube is a good example of a bridge that has joined the two halves nicely — but buy and large, English-speaking web surfers will tend to be more familiar with the latest “I Can Haz Cheeseburger” cat jokes while Japanese fans know entirely different memes.

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