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Movie Date Tuesdays – Tomorrowland



So my wife and I saw “Tomorrowland” yesterday, wow that’s some sort of oxymoron there, anyways, personally I loved one part earlier on in the movie where they openly mocked the doom and gloom teacher stereotype that most students face these days. It was quite funny when Casey after so long finally got to ask one teacher, “Can we fix it?” and he literally stood there dumb founded until the school bell rung.

Trying not to spoil the movie but banking off the movie plot, people need to stop being so… well, “DOOM AND GLOOM”. How is anyone in the world expected to change it if all we hear is our teachers, news sources, politicians, pastors, and more going on about how it’s just going to get worst and we can’t stop it. And don’t get me started on how the totally unbiblical dooms day theories Christians hold today are ruining Christian’s motivations to “…go [forth] and make disciples of all nations…” — Mathew 28:19.

The movie was not terrible and I would recommend it. I was a sucker for the retro 1964 New York World’s Fair opening, which I did not learn till later was the opening location of the “It’s a Small World” attraction, who knew. In the end the movie did start going in an odd direction and there was still a quite high level of political correctness that sort of ruined it for me. Otherwise, the movie had a decent message and an enjoyable plot… till about the last 15 minutes. Enjoy.

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