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Movie Date Tuesdays – Mad Max: Fury Road



So for our most recent $5 Tuesday Movie Date, my wife and I saw Mad Max: Fury Road. Can’t say I have a ton to say about this movie since I’m not very familiar with the Mad Max franchise. To be totally honest, we did not even know about the franchise until after watching the movie. Needless to say that does not mean you need to see any of the previous Mad Max movies and tv shows to see this one. As I understand it they are not confirming if Fury Road is a sequal or prequal to the series and I can see that the fans have very few guesses considering there were very few references to other established storylines, at least nothing that was noticeable to myself.

We saw this movie for two reasons, 1) almost all of my wife’s film friends were recommending it and 2) well… there really was no other movies playing that interested us very much. After seeing the movie, I can totally understand the craze. For myself, I personally enjoyed the chase scenes with their makeshift cars and trucks. Also, I think this movie would be much more tolerable to someone who is sensitive to blood and violence. There is honestly only two — maybe three — scenes with any those elements and they never show the gore directly within camera frame.

Again, I didn’t have a ton to say and that’s probably due to how well the story was written and executed.The conflict made sense, the pursuit was meaningful and the character development never had fallen short. I can only close this post with a recommendation to go see it for yourself.

Sidenote: I now somewhat know what “creature” that guy at Anime Central was cosplaying last year. Still don’t know what they are sadly.

– Joel Greene

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