Why both Christians and Pro-gay people are getting on my nerves

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Why both Christians and Pro-gay people are getting on my nerves



So, ever since the Supreme Court said gay marriage was now legal in the USA, the flame wars have only increased in intensity. Christians going to war on one side, arguing as to why they believe gay marriage is wrong and pro-gays on the other side arguing things like LOVE, PEACE and “You are an idiot, Jesus never said gay marriage was wrong.”… sigh. So here is my top 5 list on why these people are getting on my nerves:

5. (Pro-gay) Jesus never said gay marriage was wrong:
Yes, Jesus never directly said one man shall not marry another. For Jesus, he was addressing the issues of his day and the addressing the removal of the legalist, an issue I believe is still very relevant today considering how many churches have become legalistic. Unfortunately for Christians, homosexuality was not his top demanding issue. But Jesus did say other things that I believe can be applied not only to if gay marriage is wrong but in general to how we as people treat each other. Just because Jesus never said anything does not negate the Word of God nor anything else he said.

4. (Pro-gay) If you’re not against gay marriage because of Jesus, then what is it? Leviticus? Well, do you eat Bacon, have a tatoo or wear gold?
So this would be the next argument that so many pro-gays argue and by this point they act like they have you now and sadly with many Christians they do. For my own personal beliefs I don’t think gay marriage is wrong because of Leviticus law. Come on people, is that the best you can do? As much as I believe the Old Testament is also God’s word and serves to teach many lessons, it is not law today. We can eat Bacon, we can… well, everything Leviticus was against. And yes, I believe this includes crossdressing too. For those who don’t know, Leviticus was written to tell the Jews how to present themselves in the promise land and to not become like these other sinful nations. How you dress, how long your hair is, what you eat or wearing jewelry, is all fine as long as it’s not in excess and you still present yourself with the right mindset. Drinking wine is a comparable topic for some.

3. (Christian) That’s it, I’m gathering my wife and kids and then moving to Canada!
(Pro-gay) But Canada has had gay marriage for the last 10 years.
Okay, this one shows why I’m upset with fellow Christians. A statement like that shows how uneducated you are on the world beyond American soil. Sadly, more than half the globe has legalized same-sex marriage. Besides, as much as I understand that you don’t take your own words seriously, you can’t just go to the border expecting to be let in. No country allows this and it should shock you how much easier it is to get into the USA comparatively. Mexico requires you speak spanish before even being considered to imigrate. I just ask the Christians to stop making stupid comments like these, it’s not very fitting. Nor should we be bashing the gays by saying hurtful comments, that goes to what I said before about Jesus. Jesus dined with the sinners and fellowshipped with the prostitutes, Christian clicks are not being very Jesus like. We are on this earth but are not apart of it, we look like self-righteous hypocrites when we walk around only dining and fellowshipping with our fellow Christians.

2. (Pro-gay) If you’re still against gay marriage and it’s not because of Jesus or Leviticus then what is it?
Well lets see, maybe it’s the other parts of the bible. Oh, I know, what a shocker, there is more to the Bible? For my own beliefs there are several places in the bible that I believe tells me gay marriage and homosexuality are wrong. Not only was the definition of marriage outlined in many places, Paul spoke directly about it many times:
Romans 1:27 “In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.”
If that does not say it, then what does? I love how I saw one person brought up this verse and everyone just kind of ignored it and one person had the guts to say “But the bible has been rewritten so many times, that was probably added later.” Really? Is that what you’re going to tell God on judgement day? I believe the bible is a whole work and trying to exclude anything Paul said from your bible is not doing yourself any favors. Ultimately, I’m not trying to convince you and anyone else that you’re wrong, I’m only providing some context as to why I don’t believe your right.

1. (Pro-gay) We only want to be loved and to find a partner.
That’s all fine and dandy but you don’t need to get married to do that. I guess I could say that I’m the most upset with gays that act like their sole reason for doing this is to just stick it to the self-righteous Christians and in some ways I don’t blame them. Just remember that marriage is a privilege, NOT A RIGHT! If you are either gay or not, you need to respect those who disagree with your point of view. I don’t believe it’s right of a gay couple to sue any business for not servicing them nor do I believe you should be able to force a church to marry you. There is no justifiable reason to drag a Christian into your personal life. You won’t do it to a muslin, which I note also don’t believe gay marriage is right.

The bottom line:
I honestly don’t care if you have the right to get a piece of paper from the state saying you are married to someone of the same-sex, seriously, I don’t care because that’s just my point, the Government says you are! Yes fellow Christians, marriage is God ordained but we need to uphold it when it falls upon us to protect it and we can’t be expecting the government to do this for us, because sadly unless America became a Christian country once again we have no voice to tell them otherwise. Saying that, I do still wholly believe that if you are a business owner or a church, you have the right to refuse service. Now I’m not saying you should kick every gay person out of your establishment, but instead suggest you provide service on a case-by-case basis. Let’s look at the cake shop example, I believe if a gay couples comes in and wants to buy a cake for their wedding and WANTS YOU to write something gay related in nature on their cake, you should have the right to refuse their business because in my view, this is directly affecting your personal convictions. Now the same couple comes in wanting a birthday cake, well… you still should have the right to refuse but I personally don’t see a problem with this when your services don’t require you to participate in what you feel is wrong. We as Christians need to be welcoming and friendly to all people of all walks of life when we can, turning away business is a luxury you should only use when it involves you personally in something you believe is wrong. The same goes for Churches as for your business, our government has no right to force you to do business for those who are going against your beliefs. So don’t start running around like a Chicken with it’s head chopped off. To quote Winston Churchill’s well known war propaganda “Keep Calm and Carry On”. The world is not going to hell, well not literally that is, there is no need to panic.

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