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Movie Date Tuesdays – Hitman: Agent 47



agent47Okay, so I get it, Agent 47 is just another poor adaptation of a Video Game to Cinema. But to be honest, I far more enjoyed it then most other adaptations and I think their spin on the whole secret agent program was… better to say the least. Same but better.

Now I want to be clear that I never played the Hitman Video Games, matter of fact I walked into the movie totally forgetting this detail until it popped up on screen. So considering that I have will not be comparing this movie to the game nor will I so much compare how accurate it is, I want to look at story and character.

Starting out we’re introduced to Katia, a young girl who’s searching for a man and she does not know who he is. I feel that the movie pushed her intelligence a bit too much on us, the viewer but it was not overly distracting. However, I did enjoy how they gave her the personality to take things apart when she’s anxious, something that I can kind of relate with. I was however a bit confused in our opening scene showing that she’s searching for this someone, so unless I missed something, I feel like this random room with papers that she was given freedom to search felt odd. I know I’m probably being picky but honestly, I don’t think the scene had enough introduction. It came on screen and instantly I was like “Where are we?”. Later, we also see her walk into some document forgery place, pays a chunk of money to buy a passport or identity as I see it but that’s it. I did not feel like the scene was required to move story and yeah, maybe she needed the document to continue hiding but it just felt a bit out of place when she only did it that once. Again, see my comment on her intelligence.

Watching this movie, I immediately thought of the Bourne Identity series and sadly to quite some extent. For starters both movies have a special agent program that was disbanded who knows how long ago, we have a man — or many men — on the run, and the super smart agent who’s lost their memory, i.e., does not remember who they are. Just in this case, it’s a her. And the evading of security cameras felt just like the similar scenes from the first Bourne Identity movie. Now to my surprise, I was quite entertained by the trickery to legitimately make me believe that the syndicate were the good guys. Personally, most movies can’t pull this off, I can usually tell and most movies should not even try but it truly got me and when Agent 47 revealed the truth I was happy to see it work. In the end we see another shocking truth but I won’t spoil that one for you.

Like most movies of this genre we got a decent spoon full of action, shooting, and EXPLOSIONS!!! The mid-part with the soldiers getting blood splattered all over the place seemed a bit needless and felt fake, I say this meaning the CGI was borderline convincing but what movie has escaped this failure lately.

Besides the story, I was enjoying my time watching the actor for Spock from the recent Star Trek remakes playing John. His character was… okay. It needed work but was better in the beginning. And to add my two cents, I don’t buy the whole titanium sub-dermal body armor, Film Theory did a great video on this, go watch it. I know this might have come from the game but still, total bs. Sadly, out of all the characters, John was probably my least tolerable character.

As for Agent 47’s character, I can’t honestly say much, as he’s… flat! But that’s intentional being he’s programmed for such personality. Honestly, my absolutely favorite scene with him was in the American Embassy when he turned the tables on the interrogation saying “You’re locked in here with me and you brought me my gun.”.

I agree that Katia’s character could have gone much deeper but overall I was content with her playing basically a female version of Bourne. I also felt like the strong women needing rescue trope was not played, that is, if I’m remembering correctly. She never started out as a strong character being fully capable of protecting herself turn victim later, a problem that most movies and TV shows play these days for sake of story. In fact, I think we see the reverse as she’s more vulnerable early on and becomes that strong female role near the end. I know that technically she was protecting herself until John and Agent 47 came into her life but you have to admit that the opening showing that her location was compromised did help convince me that she needed protecting. Yeah, toward the end she took a momentary back seat but quickly she again realized that Agent 47 was only giving her the chance to shine and jumped back into the action.

So does the movie suck? Well, I enjoyed it and I know it’s just another really bad adaptation of a Video Game, but sadly, I would more enjoy seeing this film over Bourne Identity. Sorry, dad, I’m really sorry. Bourne is good but I think it has more flaws than I can handle for most movies. And if they injected the budget and dedication that Bourne received, I think this movie would have been a gem. Saying that, this movie is still without sin but again, I think it did far better at it’s task than most other Video Game adaptations and the action was solid.

But be warned, I am a bit scared to see what this supposed movie adaptation of Five Nights at Freddy’s will turn into. Personally, I’m still standing by my believe that it won’t happen but I’m a bit scared it will be just as bad of when Street Fighter was adapted to movie. Again, sorry, I love FNAF but I don’t see a good movie coming from it.

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