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Political Rant of the Year



So I’m finally going to just do it and write a political post on this blog. I’m getting dangerously close to ranting away on Facebook and you should know, that’s not normal for me. I tend to stay away from commenting or simply expressing my political views if I can help it, specially on social media. But this round of presidential elections, have probably become the most toxic yet for America and I don’t think I can hold my silence on this one much longer. It’s laughable how bad people thought the 2004 John Kerry vs. George Bush debates were. And yes, I say verses because quite literally since the two party system has taken preference here in America, that’s basically what it has become. We might as well just throw our best into a ring and have them battle it out by this point. I mean it’s not even worth one candidate over the other anymore. I at least had some love for George Bush but I mean really, is Trump the best we can do? Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sort of happy Trump entered this race, but not for the reasons you think. Instead I believe he’s finally the candidate that’s revealing so much hypocrisy in our election system and people don’t like it, sadly I think there are better people for this job but he’s doing great there. Let’s just hope all this effort does NOT go in vain and we don’t end up with a worst America.

Not hold your horse, don’t misinterpret my comments in that last paragraph. So I’ll say this, “I AM NOT VOTING FOR NOR DO I WANT TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT!” But yet again don’t misinterpret that one. So I’ll say this, “I AM NOT VOTING FOR NOR DO I WANT FOR HILLARY” Got it? So who am I voting for? Well, as much as it sort of pains me to say, I’m voting for Gary Johnson. I know, I know, my family would probably think I’m nuts. Who votes for the libertarians, right? I normally consider myself to be a Conservative Republican much like my parents and their parents, but it’s sadden me to see even the Conservatives starting to show sides of themselves I don’t like. There has always been some isolated areas of corruption in the Republican party but with some recent events it’s clear that is no party without sin and it’s disturbing. Sure there are some genuine people in both parties but… how can I even express my disappointment in my political system. Anyways, a while back I told my wife, the two party system needs to be shaken up and having Trump in the race has probably finally done just that. And with Hillary involved in her crimes, this is probably the perfect time for get an alternative into the White House. I think we need a period of having neither a Republican nor Democrat in the hot seat, so the parties can reflect on their faults. The parties are in distress and are starting to attack inward.

So let’s finish out with what Johnson would need to win and what needs to happen. Firstly he needs to be front and center, debating just as heavily as Trump and Hillary, also he needs equal amount of screen time to do so. When he enters the stage he needs to discuss the things that real Americans take issue with, not the same Libertarian talking points from the 50’s. Because sadly, I heard in a debate during the Libertarian primaries, he did exact that and stuck with the typical points. I do understand it was a libertarian primary, so winning votes in your own party makes sense but this can’t happen later, but for now he’s got my forgiveness. But most importantly he can’t get cocky and think that because Trump and Hillary are at odds, that he will get a free pass.

So what does he have going for him?

  1. In a recent poll, 26% of previous supporters of Bernie Sanders said they would vote for Johnson.
  2. He has picked Governor of Massachusetts William Weld as his running mate. — A Republican.
  3. Johnson will be on the 2016 Presidential Ballot in all 50 states.
  4. He’s not Trump
  5. He’s not Hillary
  6. Sidenote: Johnson is for an OPEN AND FREE INTERNET! 🙂

In comparison, there are some great reasons to vote for Johnson, probably more so that why to vote for Trump or Hillary. But unless Johnson turns out to be a total burnout, I can not in good faith vote for Trump and here’s why:

  1. He has NO RESPECT for WOMEN. He treats them worse than majority of ultra conservative christians. It’s one reason I think he did so well in the Bible Belt.
  2. He’s OFFENSIVE in sooooo many ways. Honestly, we thought Obama was going to embarrass our country. Trump will be worst. Obama was ignorant, Trump will be intentional.
  3. He’s extremely racist.
  4. He’s making promises that honestly I don’t understand why people don’t doubt. A wall? Really? And Mexico is going to pay for it? We’ve had so many presidents try and fail at that already. It’s worst than the Libertarian isolationist political views.

Anyways, both those lists above were short and I could honestly list so much more if I did more research but I won’t because I didn’t intend for this post to be very long anyways, it was mostly an attempt at getting some ranting off my chest.

Lastly I just wanted to say something about the recent negativity people have had regarding so many Republicans not attending the Republican National Convention in protest of Trump. “Are they not entitled to boycotting, as much as you are entitled to it?” Yes, I said it and I’m getting so so so tired of all the double standards people have, specially a good number of Christians. I mean really! You decide to boycott Target over their bathroom policy and want others to see how disgusted you are with Target but yet you won’t give these Republicans the same when they boycott the convention? Thank you for proving how hypocritical boycotting was.


It’s got to be a scam? Please tell me it is.

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