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Publishing Services and Cover Design

It’s a little kept secret (or not so kept secret, depending on how to look at it) that I operate a publishing company (Penoaks Publishing) in my free time. It all began in 2015 when I was thrust into the world of self-publishing and writing by someone who is no longer in my life today. I expanded my knowledge in the field, found a new passion for my graphic design talents, and even got writing on my projects–hopefully, one day, Barely a Princess will finally get published.

Ever since, I’ve been addicted to the thrill of helping other authors get their books published with professional-grade interior and cover designs. Maybe a bit too addicted, considering my other projects are sitting on the back burner (WIP, you know who you are…). I take all my publishing clients seriously and work hard to release well-written, aesthetically pleasing books; we enhance readers’ confidence in self-published works.

Each book I touch receives a personal touch, unlike the countless impersonal and exorbitant companies you will find doing a Google search. Plus, many charges upwards of $400 for you to pick from a library of pre-designed templates. Alternatively, if you choose, I offer the total package of managing the entire life cycle, from conception to design, editing, and publication–for the involved projects I handle, even the book uploading to multiple platforms. So let’s work together to make your dream come true stress-free so you can spend more time writing.

If my services sound like the right fit for you, please visit the contact page on the Penoaks Publishing website.

Happy writing! 🙂


More services will be added later.