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Transition Gallery

A collection of selfies from October 2018 to 2019 (in need of expansion). I love seeing the side-by-side and how I changed as time went on.


Barely a Princess

Barely a Princess is an intriguing story about a spirited, fly-by-the-seat-of-her-dress princess. Anika was born sixth in the royal family of Bergendelle and had a troublesome childhood, being kept apart from her older sisters and limited friends. Little did Anika know all these issues connected with an ancient curse on the family line that only Anika could break! Will she be able to find out what needs to be done to save herself and her family? Follow Anika on this thrilling adventure as she begins this epic quest to find truth and true love!

Author’s Note: Barely a Princess deals with dark themes about mental health. Please avoid if such topics in literature easily trigger you.

The Time Traveler’s Past

This self-reflecting story is deeply emotional and full of mystery. Based on a true story from my childhood, we discover the consequences of being genuine to ourselves, followed by a speculative second half that paints a possible picture of my future. This story has the potential for many interpretations from which readers can draw strength and hope.

Elizabeth Littlefield

Captivating and full of historical drama, “Elizabeth Littlefield” follows the lives of Elizabeth and her father, George Littlefield, as they face the aftermath of an alternate-history Great Chicago Fire. After being captured by the British just eight years prior, the city was allowed to self-govern – but it is a wild place: rife with government corruption, social injustice, and ongoing conflicts with the Yankees, or so it seems. With the blindfolds dropped, Elizabeth and her family now struggle to survive and discover the truth, and Mr. Littlefield is forced to face his hidden past and make peace with their present situation. Elizabeth, an independent and determined girl, must find her path in this new world. The Littlefields’ journey is one of courage and resilience as they strive to make their mark on this struggling nation.


This is a story about Annabelle, a transgender girl tackling the struggles of life and coming of age in an unaccepting environment. It’s my first honest attempt at writing an engaging slice-of-life story that gives readers an intimate glimpse into the world of a transgender individual. Through her journey, I offer social commentary regarding complex topics such as identity and acceptance so readers can gain knowledge and understanding. Please enjoy this 1,600-word opening preview of this heartfelt journey through the eyes of Annabelle with its humanistic decisions, conversations, relationships, and revelations – all providing evidence that people are more than what appears on the surface. Unfortunately, for the time being, this story will remain sitting on my backburner as it awaits coming to its fruition of becoming a full-length YA novel.

With all the AI projects I have, such as music, art, and writing. I decided Annabelle would be a great start for creating a sort of audiobook. Using the voice clone feature from ElevenLabs, I used my own voice and generated audio for your enjoyment: